I am a Düsseldorf based graphic designer,
with an affection for typography, simplicity and aesthetics.
I fell in love with design in 2013.
My other passions are technology, wine and food. I worked as an apprentice for two agencys in Cologne and Berlin for two and a half year. After my degree as a graphic designer I am now a fourth semester communication design student at Peter Behrens College of Arts in Düsseldorf. I have an exellent understanding of creating conceptional design. My work is always targeted to the user and intendet to create an unique experience.

For more information about myself check out my CV.


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    Plakatkampage "Herz&Zunge"

    Universitäts Projekt, Prof. Schröder Take a look
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    Website für das Restaurant Lieblings

    OnePage Webprojekt inkl. Umsetzung Take a look
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    für Architektin Giulia Puder Take a look
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    Bacherlor Thesis "WoodBox Hotel"

    Layout für Architektin Giulia Puder Take a look