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    Posterseries "Herz&Zunge"

    Lecture finals Take a look
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    Corprate Design Myself

    Restoring a old leadpress typeface to create a unique
    fictive Corprate Design for myself.
    Take a look
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    for architect Giulia Puder Take a look
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    Bacherlor Thesis "WoodBox Hotel"

    Layout for architect Giulia Puder Take a look
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    Website for the Restaurant Lieblings

    OnePage Webproject - Design and Code Take a look
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    Posterseries Mood Food

    Handmade Poster for a University Charity Food Sale Take a look
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    Fusion between Leadpress and Digital work Take a look
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    About Flags and Colors

    Leporello about the Colors of Flags Take a look
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    Free Work – Judith

    Black and White Photography Take a look
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    Online Banner for Stabilo

    Teaser Banner for the Stabilo Website Take a look
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    Bookcover & Website for the autor Leja Reicht

    Concept and design Take a look
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    Wedding Photography

    Digital Wedding Photography 2015 Take a look
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    Calendar 2015

    Fun Project to organize myself Take a look
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    Application Homework for the Hochschule Düsseldorf

    Mini-Mag about the problem of beginning Take a look